Spotlight: Rachel Tant

In Columns on October 1, 2010 at 7:08 pm

By: Haley Bonner

Not many people know that Rachel Tant is an actual model in New York City. Photo courtesy of Major Models

Everyone enjoys taking fun pictures with his or her friends and family, but did you know that a student at Fort Mill High School has become a big time model in New York City? Rachel Tant, a senior, was discovered two years ago by an agency in Charlotte. She is 17-years-old and moved to Fort Mill from Charleston about eight years ago.

Pretty soon after modeling in Charlotte, Tant was discovered by an agency in New York called Major Models and has been with them for four months. Tant is now beginning to really launch her career, getting the French Connection campaign a few weeks ago. “Basically, that means I will be the face of their Fall line,” Tant said. Most of the modeling that she does is commercial, which is mostly pictures, but she also does shows.

This young model really enjoys meeting all the new and different people in New York City. “Being in Fort Mill, you get used to the same type of people, but there is so much variety in New York; it is unbelievable,” Tant stated. Some people believe that modeling is easy, but Tant stressed that it is harder than it looks. She has to look presentable constantly and make everything look natural. “Everything is posed,” Tant said.

In December, she plans on graduating and then heading up to New York. Hopefully in January, Tant wants to go to London and Singapore to do some modeling there. Fort Mill will always be the home to Tant. However, she would like to travel and end up living in New York.

College is not forgotten though. She wants to take a few years off to further her dream of modeling and then attend New York University to study law. Tant’s grades are good, but her modeling is better. Fort Mill is so very proud of her representing us in New York. Be sure to keep the new face of French Connection in mind as she pursues her dreams in the big apple.


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