Nicaraguan diplomat found dead

In World News on October 1, 2010 at 7:15 pm

By: Kristen Hegel

On Thursday, September 23, at 10:35 a.m., Nicaraguan diplomat, Cesar Mercado, was found dead inside his unlocked New York City apartment. When Mercado did not show up downstairs, his driver, Edgar Hernandez, went to check on him only to find him with stab wounds in the abdomen and a slashed throat, just hours before the annual United Nations General Assembly. His throat was so severely severed that he was almost decapitated.

The most recent picture of Cesar Mercado, the Nicaraguan diplomat found dead in his NYC apartment. Photo courtesy of CBS News

“It appears to be a homicide,” Paul Browne, the Police Deputy Commissioner stated. According to authorities, there are no known motives except the fact that Mercado had recently tested positive for AIDS. Police are considering that a fight between Mercado and his partner led to his death. Neighbors reported hearing fighting the night before his body was discovered. Two knives were found at the scene, a 12-inch steak knife and a smaller knife covered in blood on the bathroom sink. Police are investigating his death as a murder. No suspects have been identified yet.

Mercado, who worked as an assistant to the Nicaraguan office’s ambassador, had been living in the US almost a decade.  “He had no enemies. He was loved by everyone who knew him. When I first heard of his death, I thought he must have died from natural causes because there was no way he could be killed,” Amparo Amador, Mercado’s friend, stated. “He was the perfect guy. The best person, just wonderful.” Mercado began working as a consul general and helping with passports and immigration services. Sharon Fonseca, a Nicaraguan woman, one of the people Mercado helped, stated, “He was a nice person, he took care of me personally.”

Ruben Beltran, Mexican Consul and leader of the Association of Latin American Consuls, said that they are asking authorities to investigate. Nicaraguan Vice President, Jamie Morales, stated that the FBI would do everything possible to investigate. “There is concern among the community of Latin American consuls. He was an active colleague; he always came to important events. He was a generous, friendly, straightforward person, a good colleague,” Beltran said. According to the Association of Latin American Consuls, Mercado, an active consul, will be missed by many. As investigations continue, hopefully the homicide will be solved.

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