Tori Spelling continues to shine

In Entertainment, Uncategorized on September 24, 2010 at 6:51 pm

Spelling brought the whole family along for the premiere of her book, "Mommywood".

By: Lauren kirby

            Most people know Tori Spelling from the work she did in the early 90’s. The show 90210 created and directed by her father, was her first big break. The show  was a hit series for 10 long years and was certainly the highlight of Spelling’s career. She continued to work in small film after the show finally ended in 2000, but the actress never really found something like the teen soap opera again.

            In 2006 Spelling put together a reality show on VH1. The show, So Notorious was basically a spoof of Tori’s life. Actors were cast on the show portraying people who had been a big part of her life. So Notorious, unfortunately only lasted one season, which made the public once again look down on Spelling’s acting career.

            Finally in 2008, Spelling proved that she truly was full of talent. The autobiography, sTori Telling was released in March and was a New York Best Seller. Immediately after that was another reality show which basically showed the public that she is just as normal as the rest of us. The show, Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood aired on the Oxygen channel. During the first season, the fans learned even more about Spelling as a person and as a mom. Since the show has aired, two more tell-all books have been released from Spelling. Her second book Mommywood, is basically just sharing all of Tori’s stories from learning to be a mom. Her third book, uncharted terriTori shares all of the experiences she has dealt with lately in the public’s eye and out of it.

            Spelling has taken a twist on her writing and has now written a new children’s book. “Presenting Tallulah,” which just hit stores this week. The short story is about a young girl growing up and always being told what to do. Spelling admitted during an interview that the main character does resemble her as a young girl. Spelling decided to write the book so that she could have something to share with her two children. “I knew I loved writing and because of my kids, I wanted something to be able to read to them,” Spelling told NBC’s morning show host. And as if she hasn’t already done it all, Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, are about to host a reality show on Oxygen. They will be picking couples in need of wedding planners and actually putting together the weddings for them. The actress, who was once known as the awkward teenager on her dad’s hit show, has continued to shine in the spotlight and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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