The Buzz

In Campus Life on September 24, 2010 at 6:54 pm

By:Logan O’Boyle

A few years ago, The Buzz was started at Fort Mill High School. Photo courtesy of Karin McKemey

Friday is everybody’s favorite day of the week for many different reasons. The reason could be because of Friday night football, because it is Fort Mill Friday or maybe even because the weekend is only hours away. Whatever the reason is, there is no doubt that every student looks forward to The Buzz every Friday afternoon in fourth block.  The Buzz is a news show put on by 25 very talented Fort Mill students. “The staff has a lot of fun putting the show together, and we all love each other,” Madisyn Kellough, a first year staff member, stated.

A lot of work is put into each and every show. The staff works diligently each week editing, filming and covering all the latest news at Fort Mill High School in order to have a flawless show every Friday. The crew also does a great job getting the student body involved with The Buzz. They interview many different students and even spotlight a different sports’ star every week. Chelsea Resch, another first time staff member, stated that “Normally it takes a full week for one episode to be complete, but sometimes even more. At times it can get pretty stressful.” The show covers everything from school sports to top box office movies. The main purpose of the show is to inform students and teachers about “the buzz” at Fort Mill High School and around the town of Fort Mill.  

The Buzz is aired every Friday during the last 15 minutes of fourth block. It is not mandatory for teachers to show The Buzz during their class, so not everyone gets the opportunity to see it during school. However, there are many other ways to watch The Buzz from your very own home. It is posted on, there is a link on the Fort Mill High School home page website and Mrs. Mckemey posts the new episodes on Facebook every week. Not only is The Buzz very informative, but it is also very funny and keeps viewers interested. “I hear a lot people saying they really enjoy watching it and they laugh a lot,” Resch said.  The Buzz is a great privilege that the students at Fort Mill have, and the staff really does a great job with it. The Buzz is something everyone here enjoys, so tune in this Friday and catch The Buzz.

  1. Thanks for the shout out Loudspeaker Staff! We love you guys and we think you ROCK!

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