Spray on clothing

In Columns on September 24, 2010 at 7:20 pm

By: Lauren Kirby

Who knew that something like this could come out of an aerosal can? Photo courtesy of Google Images

As if today’s fashion hasn’t gotten weird enough, here’s something to top it all off. We’ve heard of spray on tans, but spray on clothes sounds a little unreal. Fashion designer, Manel Torres has managed to create this futuristic masterpiece. The mixture is simply sprayed onto the skin and immediately turns into a thin fabric. The fortunate thing about the whole process is that after you are done wearing it, you can easily peel the layer off and even wash it to wear again.

            Spraying on clothes is definitely not something you think of doing in the morning when you wake up, but it’s certainly something that could be a hit. The mixture that forms the fabrics was designed by Imperial College London and another company called Fabrican. The spray-on fabric is made from short, cross linking fibers that are combined with polymer, which are the fibers then that form together to make the material. It stays in liquid form until it hits the surface of the skin, and then it evaporates.

            By the way people dress today, with tight-fitting clothes like skinny jeans and leggings, this great new design will probably be for them. It is the easiest thing with which to travel. The whole outfit is all inside one aerosol can. You can use whatever fabrics you may want and mix with a solvent to form your product. There are materials as soft as silk and others that are rougher, like hemp.

            The clothing has been seen on the web, television talk shows and even modeled on the catwalk. The creators of this whole masterpiece have also decided to form everyday necessities other then just clothing. They are putting together spray-on bandaging that people will be able to mix in with different medicines so that someone can take care of his or her wounds quicker.

            The new upcoming designs will certainly be a trend for models and maybe some celebrities, but as far as the average person goes, I’m not so sure how well the other human beings will take to the new style. Another thing is the clothing is extremely thin and doesn’t quite cover every detail of the human body. So for anyone who lives in the spotlights of Hollywood or just someone who doesn’t mind taking a little risk, be sure and check out this clothing online. Technology is still the main source when it comes to making the clothes, so it will be a few years before the designs will be up for sale. “ I want to show how science and technology can help designers come up with new materials,” said Torres.

  1. I’m glad we have dress code. I do think its very interesting what we can do,I just wish we could find the answer to cancer. Good story!

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