Spirit week take two

In Campus Life on September 24, 2010 at 7:29 pm

By:Austin Hazen

Mr. Scroggs updates us on Spirit Week. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

Well for all those who were anxious for Spirit Week to begin, the good news is that it is even closer. Spirit Week was moved up to October 4-8, due to Mr. Christopher wanting seniors to have a five day Spirit Week like every other year has had. Not only is Monday Pajama Day, but it is also the same day as Powder Puff game and Battle of the Bands. If you have any questions about either of these events, see the front information desk at either lunches or look at posters that are hanging in halls.

            The rest of the days for Spirit Week have been changed a bit. Tuesday is School Wide theme day, but the theme has not yet been decided, Wednesday is Class Day, Thursday is Group Day, and last but not least, Friday is Blue and Gold Day. Class day for seniors is Exercise Day, for juniors it is Reality TV Day, sophomores is Movie Day, and freshmen is Wild West Day. Since Spirit Week was moved to a different week, we are how scheduled to play the Chester Cyclones, and from what I have heard, they aren’t the easiest team to beat. We definitely need everyone to come out and support our Yellow Jackets that night at Bob Jones Stadium. The game will certainly be one that you don’t want to miss. The Homecoming Court will be presented before the game, and the Queen and Maid of Honor will be crowned at half-time. To top off all the excitement, the class winners will be announced as well.

            During the week there will be competitions at both lunches, such as an egg race, water balloon toss, apple sauce eating contest, and a dizzy wheel barrel race. We need everyone to join in on the excitement and earn points for your grade. Every morning students will be able to search for the “Spirit Stick.” The stick will be hidden somewhere in the Commons every morning of Spirit Week. The person that finds it will get points for their grade. At the end of the week, the class with the most points will win a special prize.

Now is the time to pull out those outfits and start getting ready for the greatest week of your high school career. Come show Fort Mill how much school spirit you really have.

  1. ¡ah! una semana de distancia.

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