Spotlight: Jenna Stewart

In Columns on September 20, 2010 at 6:50 pm

By: Haley Bonner

When most people think about singing at Fort Mill High School, they think about the well known chorus, but very little people know that there is a talented opera singer that walks the hallways every day. Jenna Stewart, a junior at Fort Mill, just turned 17 on Thursday, September 16. This singer has lived in the town of Fort Mill all her life.

When it came to finding her true talent, Stewart found it unexpectedly. Her main interest was in theatre and realized that if she wanted to further her career, she would need a coach to help with her singing. In 8th grade, she got her own coach who was actually an opera singer. Since then she has worked on opera for two and a half years.

Although she has not participated in any operas yet, Stewart keeps her career alive by participating in other theatre offered at Fort Mill High School. She was a student director for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)! “Jenna was chosen to be a student director because she is a very responsible and mature student. Also, she is very funny,” Elizabeth Williams, the drama teacher, said. Stewart also participated in Grease as a cheerleader.

Most of the time, Stewart sings for herself and would like to make a career out of it if possible. She believes it would be fun to perform in an international opera in Europe or Italy.

Stewart’s academics are very strong. She has all A’s and B’s and is a member of the Beta Club at Fort Mill High School. If it is possible, Stewart would like to attend UNC School of Arts, New York University, or Carnegie Mellon after high school.

Opera is starting to become a big part of this young singer’s life, and Fort Mill is expecting big things out of her. “Opera is different; not a lot of people my age know about it,” Stewart said. Fort Mill wishes Stewart luck in her future and knows that she can make it big.

Most people do not know about an amazing opera singer that we have at Fort Mill High School. Photo courtesy of Jenna Stewart


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