Good friends

In Editorials on September 20, 2010 at 6:49 pm

Being able to choose the right friends can be a very important skill. Photo courtesy Austin Hazen

  By:Austin Hazen           

                 When one thinks of a friend, what is the first thing that comes to someone’s mind? Maybe it’s someone who is trustworthy, kind, friendly, but most of all, it’s just someone who will be there when needed them the most. For those of you who have Facebook, and actually look at all of your “friends,” Do you know who they are? Do you talk to them? Are they there for you when you need them?

          So many times in our lives we have an event where we need somebody to just listen, or to tell us that we do matter. It’s good if you’re able to stand up for yourself when you’re getting bullied, but sometimes that’s hard to do and you need a friend to help you out. Picking the right friends is always hard. Everyone just wants to fit in and be a part of the “in crowd.” To do that, it sometimes involves hanging out with the wrong types of kids.

            Another category that falls into the same one as friends is peer pressure. The friends with whom you choose to hangout can influence your decisions. If you choose the wrong friends, they could pressure you into doing things like drugs just to be cool. The truth is, everyone is unique in his/her own way and doesn’t have to pretend like he/she is someone else just to fit in.

            In the past, kids have committed suicide due to the fact that their peers made fun of them or becasue they felt like they didn’t have anybody that accepted them. Maybe it just takes one “hi” or “hello” in the hallway to make someone not feel invisible or denied.

            Let’s choose our friends wisely and not single out anyone by their race, the way they act, or even what they wear. Like the saying goes, treat others as you would want to be treated. With that, let’s go out and make some new friends and make sure they have a positive, not a negative, effect on your life.


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