Dancing in customers

In Local News on September 20, 2010 at 6:49 pm

By: Sara Allen

When you're at the stoplight where Gold Hill Road and Hwy. 160 meet, keep an eye out for Megan Hammond; her dancing is sure to put a smile on your face. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Most days this summer, if you drove by the intersection of Gold Hill Road and Hwy. 160, you probably saw the “Dancing Domino’s Girl.” Instead of just standing there, looking bored with the pizza place sign scraping the ground, like a certain Papa John’s girl in the area, Megan Hammond puts on a big smile, a cheese shaped hat and her iPod to dance customers into buying pizza at Domino’s.

Hammond danced through the heat all summer. She stated that no matter how hot it got, she was having fun. “During those hot days, I try to focus on making people smile and laugh. That’s the whole reason I’m out there,” Hammond said.

One of Hammond’s fans created a fan-page on Facebook for the “Dancing Domino’s Girl.” Recently, the page reached its 600th fan. She tries to respond to all the comments and questions as often as possible. “I’ve been very surprised. I just wanted people to smile, then people started honking and then the Facebook page, and I just realized ‘Wow, this is extreme,’” Hammond stated. Comments on the fan-page include: “You are AWESOME!!!” “My kids and I love seeing you.” “I just want to know what music you are listening to.” Hammond listens to a wide range of music. “I listen to everything. 80’s music, techno, even some upbeat Disney songs,” Hammond said. Jason Mraz’s “The Remedy” is her favorite song to dance to.

Hammond is currently attending classes at Winthrop. She plans to keep her job at Domino’s while going to school. Stephanie Hotelling, Domino’s manager, said that Hammond has brought in a lot of business. Customers have even said that her dancing was the reason they chose the restaurant. The store receives frequent calls from people complimenting Hammond and her moves.

Because of her success at bringing in customers, Hotelling has reserved the job of the “Dancing Domino’s girl” for Hammond only. She is now allowed to stop making pizzas whenever she wants to go dance, “I consider myself blessed on a daily basis that we have her,” Hotelling said. 


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