What’s new, Apple?

In Entertainment on September 10, 2010 at 6:38 pm

By: Courtney Harrington

The new iPod touch from Apple, displays multiple new features that seperates it from the rest. Photo courtesy of Google images

            The Apple industry, as people know it, has taken over the technology world. Apple has been very productive over the years with their latest and greatest technological advances. Just about every year, Apple releases new and improved models of some of their products like the iPhone and the iPod. From the iPod touch to an iMac, people are squirming to get their hands on something Apple.

            One of the upcoming Apple advancements would be the new iPod touch. What will separate and define this iPod touch from the other models is that this one will have FaceTime, a higher resolution, High Definition video recording, and the A4 processor. FaceTime is known as a video calling app which is offered on the new iPhone G4, indicating that the new iPod will have a camera installed. How the app works is simple. To call a friend, a person only has to click on the app and find that person’s entry to start the call. An invitation will pop up on the other person’s iPod asking if they would like to join or not. Pretty simple, right?

             With the new iPod comes the Retina Display, or otherwise known as higher resolution. The pixel in the device will be so high that a person’s eye will be unable to distinguish an individual pixel. Apple has also been able to successfully put four times the amount of pixels into the same size screen as earlier iPod touch models, averaging out to 326 pixels per inch of the screen. Another feature of the new iPod touch is a light sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness for what is seen to be the best viewing and battery life possible and LED backlighting.

            The iPod touch has successfully claimed the title for the most popular portable gaming device in the world. There are over ten thousand games available for the iPod touch. The A4 chip installed in the iPod is the same chip that has been installed into the iPhone 4 and the iPad. Apple engineers wanted to come up with, and design, a chip that was powerful and a power-efficient mobile processor. With that came the A4 chip. The A4 processor allows the iPod to multitask, place FaceTime calls, and edit videos. The iPod can do all those things while using the battery life to its best ability.

             The world of Apple is constantly working to produce new products as seen over the past few years. For instance, another one of Apple’s newest creations is the iPod nano with Multi-Touch with new designs and features. Apple has done extremely well over the years, and has captivated and amazed many people along the way. Apple has been able to create the unimaginable, which has put them on top. Remember to keep an eye out for Apple’s latest and greatest technologies to come.

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