Boy Scout and student remodels FMHS memorial

In Local News on September 10, 2010 at 6:47 pm

By: Kristen Hegel

           Boy Scout and sophomore at Fort Mill High School, Luke Tremblay, took it upon himself to transform the memorial at Fort Mill High School that honors fallen students. Tremblay, member of troop 333, decided his Eagle Scout project would be to revamp the memorial, originally developed by the Student Council of 1990.

            According to Assistant Principal Darren Wilson, Tremblay came to him wanting to do a project for his Eagle Scout project that would benefit the school. “I happened to think about the memorial which wasn’t noticeable. Other than that, Luke and his father took care of everything like the design, landscaping, and work,” Wilson stated. Tremblay explained, “We had close to 60 hours of planning throughout May and June, that involved everything from coming to the school and taking measurements to going to businesses to ask for donations material wise.” The project soon began in July. Tremblay received helped from his parents, Thomas and Kris Tremblay, Tyler Haley, Steve Elgin, and other Scouts.

Hard at work, Luke Tremblay and fellow 10th grader water the newly placed plants. Photo courtesy of Fort Mill Times

            “There was grass coming up over the edges. There were weeds starting to grow over it,” Tremblay stated. Tremblay didn’t believe the memorial’s condition was enough to honor the 15 students that Fort Mill High has lost since 1987. Fort Mill High School Principal Dee Christopher commented, “It wasn’t taken care of.” Where an old plaque surrounded by dirt and grass once stood, now stands the plaque on a small brick patio surround by fresh mulch, plants, a cherry tree, and a concrete block retaining wall. In the words of Wilson, it was a “much need upgrade for the memorial.”

            According to Christopher, the new memorial links over 20 years of history of our school together and properly remembers fallen classmates. “The neat thing is when students decide to do something that is bigger than themselves. I’m pleased that he decided to do something in honor of students who passed away. I’m proud of him,” Christopher said. Also proud is Tremblay’s father, “As an Eagle Scout myself, I learned so much about the value of integrity and service from scouting, that is why it is great to see Luke finding so much value in the organization himself. We have always encouraged him to think big and do more than what is expected.”

            Tremblay’s project is the second Eagle Scout project to be completed at Fort Mill High School, and there’s to be a third one on the way. The first project was the sitting area outside of the auditorium; people could purchase recognition bricks to place on the brick patio. “It’s neat for those pursuing Eagle Scout to give back to their school, enhancing things the school couldn’t support financially,” Wilson said. When asked what the new memorial means to the high school, Wilson replied, “I think it is a way for us to remember students at Fort Mill High who lost their lives and honor their memory. It’s a visual way to remember those students.”

            Tremblay has received a lot of praise for his good deed; maybe his unselfish act will inspire other kids to make a difference in the community. Between balancing the project and band camp over the summer break, Tremblay’s hard work has surely paid off. “It looks great now,” Tremblay stated. “It’s a beautiful transformation.”


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