Serves up

In Sports on September 3, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Serves Up

Serves up for Kayla Blackely, as she battles her opponent on Lancaster. Photo courtesy of Haley Bonner

By: Haley Bonner

The Fort Mill Varsity Girls’ Tennis team began their season with a bang, performing very well in the first annual Border Challenge tournament, where they finished second. This week was very busy for the yellow jackets, having three matches. They did not perform their best in their first week. They lost to Clover on Tuesday, had a hard fought battle against Country Day on Wednesday but did not have a victory. On Thursday they had a close loss to Lancaster, while four of the girls went into tie breakers.

            Moving down to 3A will be a great thing for the team this season. Nation Ford, York, Chester, Fairfield Central and South Pointe are all now in Fort Mill’s region. “Moving to 3A is going to give us less competition, but a higher region finish,” Angela Niccum, the head coach, said. The girls are excited for their region play but mainly excited to play the hometown rivals, Nation Ford.

Nation Ford will be the biggest competition for Fort Mill this season. They just faced them in the first annual Border Challenge tournament and lost by only two points. “All of the matches against Nation Ford should be really close, so right now the match is up in the air,” Mady Katz, a junior on the team, said. The first match for these two teams will be on Tuesday, October 5 at Nation Ford.

Beating their rivals and taking the region title are the two major goals this season. There are 13 girls total on the team and they practice Monday through Thursday. The Lady Jackets are working hard each and every practice to meet their goals. If Fort Mill succeeds in their goals for this season, it will be the first region title in many years.

Consistency and never giving up are two traits that these girls do not lack.“ They always play till the last shot,” Niccum said. The team chemistry this season is very strong, which will only give the girls a better chance to take first place. “We always have a lot of fun, and with Niccum as our coach there is never a dull moment,” Katz said.

Come out and support the Lady Jackets in their next match which is Tuesday, September 7, at Lancaster High School. With their first three matches out of the way, the girls should not have any problem performing well. Wish them luck and make sure to come out and support our Girls Tennis team.

  1. Vamos Chaquetas Amarillas!

  2. Me encantó, buen trabajo.

  3. Hicieron sorprendentes de esta temporada! Así se hace chicas.

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