Junk Food Alert

In Editorials on September 3, 2010 at 7:09 pm

By: Courtney Harrington

If you are not careful, junk food can lead you down a bad path. So make sure to really watch what you eat. Photo courtesy of Sara Allen

            For a teenager, food is the solution to just about anything and everything, but not always the best one. Unhealthy foods are very popular in today’s society, from eating out to buying a candy bar to ease the hunger on a long road trip. In some cases, it might be the emotional binding of a bad evening. In others, it might just taste absolutely divine. Where do you lie with junk food?

            I would like to think that every once in a while, everybody likes to dine out. What’s your favorite restaurant? Are you aware of what you put into your system every time you eat out? Now, for those who stick to salad and a light entrée, you are probably fine. For those who order the fillet mignon and the most expensive dessert you can get, you may want to consider the calories and the carbs you are digesting. It is very easy to eat delicious foods without even a second thought of the harm it could be causing your body. I, for one, know that it can be very difficult to order something more nutritious and healthier, when what I really want is a creamy bowl of macaroni and mozzarella sticks. What you could do is save dining out for special occasions, and you will still be able to order more of what you want.

            A large bowl of popcorn, a Dr. Pepper, and a sappy love movie go together pretty well. When watching a two hour movie, people tend to get pretty caught up in it. Sometimes it gets to the point where they grab some snacks, and in the end they don’t even realize how much of the food they actually consumed. Some people have even said that they can’t even recollect what foods they were eating, otherwise known as mindless eating. So why not replace the bad with the good and make a ham sandwich or eat an apple? You will still enjoy the movie; fill your stomach with nutritious foods and feel good in the end. If you are like me and can’t imagine giving up your popcorn, at least try the packs that are low in fat and other healthy things.

            Are you someone who likes to throw parties and hold gatherings? If so, you have the control over what others eat. It has always been the easy way out to simply throw some candy on a table and put some sodas out on the back counter. Why not put a small amount of effort into preparing something small and something enjoyable for your crowd, like a fruit bowl or some form of healthy appetizers? Your company will most likely enjoy themselves more, and you will get the satisfaction of serving well thought out and prepared foods.  

            Junk food as we know it today covers a lot of foods, and it may not always be the easiest thing to try and eat less of it but by doing so, you are being kind to your body in many ways. By limiting your junk food intake, you will feel better in the long run. Unhealthy foods can more easily cause stomach pains and other kinds of problems along with gaining some unwanted pounds. So if you want to do your body some good, save that yummy chocolate bar for your night out this weekend and not as dessert every day next week. Your body will thank you later.

  1. Me gusta comida dulce y frita pero no es saludable.

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