Emmys best and worst dressed

In Columns on September 3, 2010 at 7:28 pm

By: Lauren Kirby

Looking elegant in a one shoulder purple gown, Jane Lynch won the Best Dressed award at the Emmys. Photo courtesy Google images.jpg

The 62nd annual Emmy Awards were held this past Sunday. As we all know The Emmys are one of the biggest award shows of the year, especially for the actors and actresses of Hollywood. The show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon, which made the show entertaining enough, even without there being any awards presented.

            Awards like Best Film and Actress of the Year were given out but for some other women, they were lucky enough to be awarded with Best or worst dressed. Everyone knows that if you don’t show up to an award show, especially something like the Emmys wearing a designer like Versace or Oscar de la Renta then you’re nobody. Many of the talented women showed up to the awards show, and the fashion judges were ready to be impressed, however but some of the stars didn’t quit cut it.

            This year was a little different when it came to picking the awards. It seemed that the women of older ages tended to show up those new comers. Susan Sarandon and Tina Fey hit the jackpot in their long, form fitting gowns. Two of today’s most popular celebrities, Heidi Klum and Kate Gosselin, were not on their A game. Gosselin showed up in a glittered, black, haltered dress that wasn’t quit as form fitting. As far as Klum goes, we all know she is a former model, which comes with mile long legs, but they don’t always need to be exposed. Her strapless, mini-dress did look amazing, but it was a little too short for the critics’ taste.

            Joan Rivers and the rest of the fashion police were tougher then normal this year, but they sure did a great job picking the winners. The 2010 Emmy winner for Best Dressed was actress, Jane Lynch. Lynch rocked a purple Ali Rahimi gown that certainly got the job done. Unfortunately the Worst Dressed award went to January Jones; her dark blue, Versace dress just didn’t cut it for the judges. The Emmys were just the kick off to all the award shows coming up this year, which gives all of the actresses who didn’t make it to the Best dressed list time to up their game.


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