CMPD sex scandals

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By:Lauren Kirby

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has been a place full of scandal these past few weeks. There have been two police officers fired from the force for having sexual relations while on the job.

            The first officer fired from CMPD was Marcus Jackson.

The second officer in the CMPD force to get arrested for sexual assult allegations, Hamlett Almanderez.

Jackson was let go after numerous women called in saying that he sexually assaulted them in the act of pulling them over. According to Mecklenburg’s police chief, Jackson should have never been hired because the department failed to ever look up a background check on him. Although the police have Jackson’s file now, Charlotte’s city council voted on not releasing them to the public.

            The second officer let go was Hamlett Almanderez. Almanderez was caught after a call was made into the department stating that they had spotted the officer following a woman out of a restroom in Fuel Pizza located on Central Avenue in Charlotte. The police department then tracked Almanderez’s car on the GPS tracker and learned that the allegations were true. That same night, Hamlett resigned from the police department.

            Both officers were assigned to the East Way Division. The East Way Division is located between Central and North Tryon. These are areas that are known for being rundown and a little frightful at night. Some of the women who live in the area were interviewed on this matter, and all agree that they are fearful that an area so desperate for regulation is the pit of a corrupt cop scene. As of right now, Almanderez has not had any charges pressed against him, but will not be returning to CMPD. Jackson has not yet gone to trial, but people have stated that he will most likely plead not guilty.

            Some of the other officers on the force are now worried that this will shed a negative light on the rest of them. It is unfortunate for the police officers on the Charlotte Mecklenburg force that do work hard and do a great job at honoring and protecting their community. Hopefully Charlotte Mecklenburg will get all of the allegations figured out and have a little less drama to worry about in the police department.

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