Robin’s success at the box office

In Entertainment on August 18, 2010 at 5:14 pm

In this new adaptation of Robin Hood, you see the budding romance of Marion Locksley and Robin Longstride. Photo courtesy of Google images

Robin Hood is a legend that has been remade for generations. The newest addition to the book’s collection of adaptations is the film Robin Hood. This summer’s 2010 movie is already a blockbuster hit with a powerhouse cast, a famous director/producer, and some of the best special effects around.

The main character of the movie is Robin Longstride, which is played by the infamous actor Russell Crowe. Alongside him are his original gang of friends, actors Kevin Durand, Scott Grimes and Roy Holder. Marion Locksley (Cate Blanchett) is Robin’s love interest. The chemistry between them seems very real, but the movie tells of their budding romance, not when they are actually an official couple. There is also Godfrey (Mark Strong), who is the villain of the motion picture. With Crowe and Strong’s encounters, you almost feel like you have to cheer one of them on.

The movie takes place in 13th century England, when the nation is torn, poor, and beaten by other countries, mainly their enemy, France. Robin and his group of loyal comrades are the silent rebels of the motion picture, and escape the Crusade when their king, King Richard the Lion Heart (Danny Huston), is killed in combat.

Their escape brings them to Nottingham, a poor town in Northern England. “Injustice” with the Crown takes place because of the English traitor Godfrey, the new king’s (Oscar Isaac) right hand man, who secretly deceives his friend to have the French overtake England’s throne. The people of England are made to believe that King John is the one behind the higher taxes and massacres of their people, when it is really the French and Godfrey.

Robin, along with his friends and love interest, joins an army of the people and rebels. Through their unity, they find out the real reason behind the mutiny, and have newfound loyalty and respect for their King.

Although England is weakened and doesn’t seem to have a chance against France, the bond brings them hope by their passion for freedom and liberty. Beating the French, the heroes are found, and the villain is killed. But the story isn’t over; the film finishes with a killer cliffhanger, when it is announced that Robin and his gang are outlaws and are to be killed on spot.

With romance, drama, death, action and heroism, Robin Hood is a sure summer hit. You better catch it soon, because there is sure to be a sequel to this epic beginning of a classic tale.


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