LRA bill passed

In World News on August 18, 2010 at 5:19 pm

After a long, grueling process of petitions and voting, Congress finally passed the LRA bill. The bill is called the Invisible Children Law because it is named for the children of Uganda, Africa, who have been forced to fight in a war. Up until now, the US had no connection to the war and was also not helping the effort to end the child soldiering.

The LRA bill was passed in congress to protect child soldiers in Africa. Photo courtesy of Google images

Organizations, such as Invisible Children, Enough, and Resolve Uganda have sent out a petition to President Obama in hopes that he would try to help the situation. The efforts of the organization have proven to have an effect. The organization sent in 253,512 signatures to the State Department hoping that the bill would be passed and a law would be enforced for the capturing and arrest of Joseph Kony.

Kony is the rebel leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). He has led the war in Uganda and has kidnapped the children he is using in his war efforts. Since Kony was in another country, and the war was insignificant to other parts of the world, the child soldiering went unnoticed for a long time. Over twenty years have passed since the war first started, and thousands of children have been misplaced and abandoned.

Normally, countries becoming involved in foreign conflicts can become complicated, but thanks to the efforts of the Invisible Children Organization, two thousand supporters stood on the lawn of Capitol Hill to influence our leaders in considering a bill to allow the arrest of Kony. The US House of Representatives passed the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act, which basically states that Washington will use its resources to rescue any child soldiers, it will protect the civilians that have been caught in the middle of the war, and most importantly, it will remove Kony and his commanders from combat and military positions to have them arrested and eventually tried for their crimes.

The bill is now being sent to President Obama’s desk where he will sign the bill so it can be taken into effect. This is a huge step for the children of Uganda. The efforts of many individuals have changed the lives of thousands in a small country many miles away. America has taken action to help the children that desperately need attention, although there is still a lot that needs to happen before any action can be taken, the bill passing is a huge milestone.


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